Below is a sampling of links from around the web that offer up a range of voices and perspectives on the work of The HIV Story Project, including reviews, interviews, commentaries, announcements, and social media.

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News on Desert MigrationREAD IT HERE

News on GenerationsHIV.orgREAD IT HERE

OP ED – June 5, 2015 – “Generations HIV is a Digital Media AIDS Quilt for the 21st Century,” by Marc Smolowitz – READ IT HERE

PREMIERE ANNOUNCEMENT – June 5, 2015 – “The HIV Story Project Launches Generations HIV Online Video Archive” in PR Newswire – READ IT HERE

FEATURE ARTICLE – May 28, 2015 – “The HIV Story Project To Launch Generations HIV Online Video Archive” in Mile High Gay Guy, by Drew Wilson – READ IT HERE

NEWS COMMENTARY – September 26, 2013 – “Films Showcase HIV Criminal Laws” by Matthew Bajko, Bay Area Reporter – The HIV Story Project co-sponsors screenings of two documetaries on the topic of HIV and Criminalization, welcoming two nonprofit agencies to San Francisco. READ IT HERE

FEATURE ARTICLE – July 2013 – “Promises to Keep: A New Docu Builds Momentum” by Chael Needle, Managing Editor, Art & Understanding Magazine – “Keep the Promise: The Global Fight Against AIDS, a new doc, gives its viewers a front-row seat to the front lines.” READ IT HERE

PREMIERE ANNOUNCEMENT – March 27, 2013 – AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and The HIV Story Project premier documentary feature “Keep the Promise: The Global Fight Against AIDS” at the 2013 Vail Film Festival. READ IT HERE

AWARD ADVISORY – March 6, 2013 – RITUAL directed by Jörg Fockele—one of 15 films featured in The HIV Story Project’s STILL AROUND—wins prize for Best Documentary Short at CineKink in NYC. READ IT HERE

INTERVIEW – August 2012 David Perry interviews Marc Smolowitz on 10 Percent, an interview program for the LGBT communities in San Francisco. WATCH IT HERE

FEATURE ARTICLE – July 12, 2012 – “Welcoming The World,” by Erin Durkin, The Washington Blade – Marc Smolowitz & Jörg Fockele interviewed about the 2 projects they brought to Washington DC for AIDS 2012: the 19th International AIDS Conference: STILL AROUND – screening as the opening night selection of the International AIDS Film Festival at Carnegie Hall of Science and GENERATIONS HIV – the interactive video storytelling booth inside the Global Village at AIDS 2012. READ IT HERE

COMMENTARY – May 23, 2012 – “The HIV Story Project Heads To The International AIDS Conference,” by Alex Garner, Editor-at-large, Frontiers LA – EXCERPT : “The cultural arts can shine a light on all of the various stories we have to tell around HIV. We have stories of loss, triumph, redemption and rebellion. There is tremendous power when someone can speak honestly and unashamedly about what it means to live with HIV. The HIV Story Project does an excellent job of helping to expand our HIV narratives… READ IT HERE

REVIEW – May 3, 2012 – STILL AROUND by Kevin Melloy in EDGE Boston. EXCERPT: “The best films in this outstanding anthology give us what this segment so expertly distills: The drama, dangers, and enrichment of finding out who you are–and laying claim to it–without letting labels get in the way.” READ IT HERE

MEDIA BLOG – March 31, 2012 – “Still Around: HIV@30 / ACTUP@25 / NQC@20” by Alex Juhazs in Media Praxis – EXCERPT: “… it is a pleasure to get to also see a new film, Still Around, that both looks at the legacy of AIDS, and reminds us that it is a living, breathing phenomenon of our now. The film links fifteen original, diverse shorts that remind us—without the safety and nostalgia of distance—how AIDS activism (and New Queer Cinema) linked a fierce, radical, experimental, and beautiful cultural production with sharp political commentary and profound personal expression”. READ IT HERE

BEST OF LIST – 2011Poz magazine selected The HIV Story Project for “The POZ 100” of 2011 – 100 People, Things and Ideas We Love. SEE THE LIST HERE

INTERVIEW – September 2011 – Australian online news outlet THE SCAVENGER interviews Executive Producer Marc Smolowitz about the global reach of The HIV Story Project. READ IT HERE

AUDIO PODCAST – June 2011 – On BlogTalkRadio, The HIV Story Project joined with Columbia University Center for Oral History to revisit the book AIDS DOCTORS: VOICES FROM THE EPIDEMIC. Three (1) hour audio programs were done with leading doctors in the field of HIV/AIDS. LISTEN IN HERE 

OPINION – May 19, 2011 – “Note to Independent Producers: Be More Social” by Marc Smolowitz in ITVS’s Beyond The Box. Writing about the importance of media producers using storytelling skills in the to find their power, with references STILL AROUND, GENERATIONS HIV, and The HIV Story Project. READ IT HERE

NEWS – June 17, 2010“Multimedia Project Shares Intergenerational HIV Stories” by Matt Baume, Bay Area Reporter – EXCERPT: “This week saw the premier of just one element of the HIV Story Project: an interactive installation called Generations HIV, combining personal testimony reminiscent of the AIDS Memorial Quilt with the connectivity offered by video. From the outside, Generations HIV looks like a mall photo booth, set up at the Under One Roof store in the Castro; but when you step inside, a custom-built software program asks your age and presents you with a choice: either answer a question about how HIV/AIDS affected your generation, or ask a question of another generation. Based on their age, the booth matches visitors with questions and stories they might never otherwise have had an opportunity to explore.” READ IT HERE 

INTERNET RADIO – Feb. 21, 2010 – Robert Breining and Jack Mackenroth from the Weekly BlogTalkRadio show PozIAm interview Executive Producer Marc Smolowitz about THE HIV STORY PROJECT. LISTEN IN HERE

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