USA – 2015 – Feature Length – Color

Directed by Daniel F. Cardone
Produced by Marc Smolowitz and Daniel F. Cardone

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Wide Release to be Announced June 2016

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The AIDS crisis never ended.  Its immediacy ended, thanks to drugs that prolonged life expectancy, leading many people to think that it was over, AIDS was over.  HIV & AIDS are still here, and they’re evolving.  More than half the people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States today are over 50 years of age. Those people whose lives the medications saved are dealing with a barrage of new problems as their ageing bodies struggle to maintain the upper hand against the virus they are constantly at war with, accompanied by the many side effects of the medication itself – insomnia, depression, neuropathy, bone degeneration, kidney failure.  Many also struggle with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress, having lived through a period of considerable loss and debilitation .  Desert Migration is a film that addresses all these issues in a dynamic but compassionate way – creating a bedrock for future discussions on the changing face of HIV/AIDS in America.  The film focusses on men living long-term with HIV who sought out an oasis in Southern California’s Palm Springs where life is comfortable and both their homosexuality and health condition is not just tolerated, but welcomed.  These men represent a huge number of people who migrated to the desert community burdened with memories of watching their friends die, all of them believing that a similar fate would befall them.  Desert Migration examines their lives as they come to terms with the act of living again – embracing the second chance that has been given to them through pharmaceutical treatment.




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